How to save money on meals at work

Bringing the kettle to work has become a mandatory step for anyone who wants to save money and, in some cases, avoid ‘fast food’. For those who don’t need to eat out on business days, there are also options that help make your meals more economical. Find them out in ( more… )

How to deal with money matters in a relationship? | Mortgage

Within a relationship, spending money can be difficult. Lainaamo n Essi published about alternatives for revealing money in a relationship as well as how to use money in a connection to a mutually satisfactory circumstance. Relationships aren’t always rosy and the up hill can fit. However , several monetary disputes ( more… )

Credit Card

Credit card is an electronic payment card, also called a bank payment card, which is subject to a specific and individual credit limit for unexpected and urgent non-cash transactions related to the payment of goods and services via the bank’s POS terminal, the Internet, and an ATM or ATM, if ( more… )