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Insurance – how high?

money cash

If you decide to take out insurance then make sense. You must be sure that in the event of an unpleasant situation the amount from insurance will actually cover your liability.

After all, you need to be sure that you will not leave your family with a problem, despite the fact that you paid for insurance. In addition, it is worth considering its choice really well when you decide on really high loan amounts. The higher the loan, the longer the repayment and the greater the risk that insurance may come in handy at some point. Unfortunately, but different situations happen. It is worth protecting yourself and your family.

By taking out a loan with insurance, we increase its cost

What if we say it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way? That this is only apparent? That buying insurance can even save a large amount of money? It is so, although it is hard to believe. Many banks allow the resignation from insurance after an agreed period of time, i.e. after 3 months or half a year.

After this time, you can terminate the insurance contract, the insurance amount previously added to the loan is deducted. The installment decreases, the amount of the entire commitment also goes down. The commission for the bank is no longer added. Thus, by paying insurance for several months, you avoid bank fees. The sum of the summary is that thanks to insurance you have managed to save a large amount of money, even if you initially paid a higher installment. Revelation, right?

Above we have presented only a sample of our capabilities. We know banking products like no one else. We will check and compare all available loan offers on the market. We will move Heaven and Earth to find the one that suits you. We will advise, dispel doubts and answer all arising questions.

Fast cash in the UK: Loan or credit card – what to choose? Mon, 25 Nov 2019 03:12:29 +0000 ( more... )]]> You don’t have access to cash and you have sudden expenses on your mind? Fortunately, there are several financing options that will allow you to cover your current needs and unexpected expenses. The most popular financial solutions in the UK certainly include cash loans and credit cards. Is it worth using them and when? We have prepared for you a list of pros and cons of each option, so that you can decide for yourself which solution is right for you.



A cash loan (also known as an installment loan or payday loan) is one of the most popular financing options. Payday loans in the UK are offered by financial institutions, banks and even, as in the case of social loans, by private individuals. Cash loans are a widely and easily available product.


Payday loans in the UK are primarily the fastest financial solution available. All you have to do is complete a quick online application and the money will be on your account the same day (even 15 minutes after the application has been approved!). So you get money straight to your account, without leaving your home.

What’s more, this cash loan is granted for any purpose. So you don’t have to explain to a bank or other institution for which you borrow money. How you use the loan depends entirely on you. In addition, you can apply for a loan in the UK in Polish, so even a language barrier should not be a problem for you.

Another advantage of loans is that you can borrow money even with low creditworthiness. Of course, the amount you can borrow is subordinated to your credit score, but it is still possible to borrow money with low creditworthiness.

The loans have a fixed repayment schedule. You pay a pre-agreed installment on a fixed date, so you can organize your monthly finances more easily and you don’t have to worry about repayment terms ever changing.


Cash loans have a high interest rate. Installment loans do not require any form of security from you, so you have to take into account the fact that you will have to pay back to the lender more than you borrowed. Nevertheless, the choice of lenders is so wide that you will certainly not find a loan with the right interest rate.

Failure to pay the installments on time may result in penalties and may expose you to a bad credit history, so in the future it may be very difficult for you to take a loan. When you decide on this type of financing, you must be sure that you will be able to pay your installments on time.

Credit card

Credit card

The credit card allows us to use the bank’s money within the set limit. Credit cards are intended for non-cash transactions, and therefore for all types of payments and purchases. This type of financing is mainly offered by banks.


Credit cards have so-called interest-free period. This means that if you use the card and pay it back during this period, the bank does not charge any interest on your debt. The duration of the interest-free period depends on the bank, however, it usually lasts up to 56 days.

What’s more, credit cards have a chargeback option, thanks to which your payments and purchases are insured by the bank. Imagine that there was a transaction error while shopping and you were counting more than you need. Or maybe the product or service you bought does not meet your expectations, and the seller does not take into account your complaint. Thanks to the chargeback option, in each of the above situations, the bank will refund the money to your account.

A credit card, if used properly, can improve your credit score. A credit card, used wisely, is a very good idea for people who want to improve their credit standing. But remember, for this improvement to occur, you must pay back your debt diligently, otherwise the effect may be counterproductive.

In addition, thanks to your credit card you will be able to take advantage of many different discounts. Many stores have special promotions and offers for credit card users. By using such offers, you’ll be able to save a lot on your cashless transactions.


Credit cards in the UK are harder to access than loans. Credit cards are issued only by financial institutions, which makes the application process more difficult. What’s more, the application process itself takes much longer.

Interest on the debt on the credit card is very high, and failure to pay the debt on time can be associated with considerable debt and a decrease in the credit rating.

In addition, cash transactions by credit card are very expensive. A commission of approximately 4% on the amount withdrawn is charged for every withdrawal at an ATM.

The costs of setting up and using the card are high. These costs can be up to several hundred zlotys a year, so if you are considering taking a credit card, carefully read the bank’s contract and offer.


A credit card in the UK is a good option for people who want to slowly build up their creditworthiness and, when needed, be able to cover the costs of their unexpected expenses or whims. However, for people who need quick cash, a cash loan will be a much better option. An installment loan is also a suitable solution for those who prefer to pay off their debts in an organized and systematic way.

In both cases, the amount we can borrow depends on our credit history and our credit score. However, if we do not have a good credit rating, lenders will look at us more favorably than banks. These two forms of financing are very different, so it all depends on what you need the money for and how urgent the expenses are. Look at the pros and cons of each solution and choose the one that is closest to your requirements.

Online loan – how to borrow safely online? Sat, 09 Nov 2019 02:43:31 +0000 ( more... )]]> We live in a time when everything is at your fingertips. More and more people not only shop online, but also pay their bills or rent using the internet. No wonder that borrowing money over the internet has become increasingly popular. However, is it completely safe? A critique at

An online loan is by far the fastest and most convenient way to get a cash injection. An online loan has undeniably many advantages. You can apply for it whenever and wherever you want – all you need is an internet connection. What’s more, if your application is approved, the money will be in your account the same day. However, if you act carelessly, we can easily fall prey to cheaters and tricksters. So how can you borrow online securely? This short guide will show you a safe way to get a quick online loan.

1. Check if the lender is regulated

Under UK law, all brokerage companies or companies that directly provide online loans must be approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Before you decide to take out a loan online, check that the company that grants it appears on their register. You can find the FCA register here. If the lender of your choice is not in this register, it should be an alarm signal for you. An unregistered lender can be a mere cheater who is just waiting for the opportunity. And don’t be fooled by the attractive design of his website – anyone can set up a domain name, so this doesn’t prove the credibility of the borrower.

2. Check the lender’s opinion

Before submitting your loan application, check what other internet users think about the lender. Enter the name of the lender or the password of the loan in the uk forum into the search engine and find out what its former customers have to say about the lender. Were they satisfied with the lender’s services? Did the money arrive on their account on time? Did they consider the level of customer service adequate? If the answer to these questions is ‘no’, this should give you food for thought. Nevertheless, in the case of negative comments it is worth asking about the reason for negative experiences. It may turn out that the customer did not comply with the terms of the contract and the lender acted accordingly.

3. Familiarize yourself with the lender’s offer

Is the online loan offer written in a clear and transparent way? Each loan agreement should contain the following information: conditions for granting the loan, total cost of the loan, repayment period and maximum loan value. These elements should be visible in the offer so that you do not have a problem finding them. A good brokerage firm will have nothing to hide, so you won’t find any legal tricks in its contract. A good broker will also not charge any fees for presenting you the loan offer, nor will it charge any costs before the loan is in your account. So before you decide to sign a contract with the lender, check if it contains hidden fees and what appears in the text in small print.

4. Watch out for companies that offer loans without checking your creditworthiness

Loans without credit checks sound very tempting, especially for people with a low credit score (bad credit score). However, don’t be fooled – loans without credit checks are just a marketing gimmick invented by loan companies. It is not possible to grant loans without a credit score in the UK, and this is because all lenders in the country, as required by the FCA, must check the credit histories of applicants before granting them a loan. This means that the loan company can only grant you a loan after checking your credit rating. This does not mean, however, that you have no chance of getting a loan with low creditworthiness. Payday loans in the UK are also granted to people with a low credit score. If you have a problem with low credit rating yourself, get acquainted with the offer of one of the loan brokers. A proven broker will help you find the offer best suited to your financial situation.

What else should you watch out for?

What else should you watch out for?

A common method used by scammers is to get clients to get loans over the phone. Fraudsters call potential borrowers, claiming to be a representative of one of the known loan companies and urging the callers to take out a loan. If such a person agrees to take out the loan, the scammers give the address of a fictitious website and ask for payment of an “operating fee” before granting a loan of eg $ 100. Unfortunately, immediately after paying the fee the lender disappears and is no longer traceable. How to protect yourself from this?

1. Don’t answer calls from potential lenders

No loan company, bank or broker TELEPHONE to potential clients and do not urge them to take a loan. If you are ever in a situation where a person calling from an unknown number persuades you to take a loan, hang up. You are most likely talking to a scammer who is only impersonating a reliable company. You can find more information about this form of fraud here.

2. Protect your banking information

Your pin number, your payment card number together with your CVV number and your password for online banking are information that should be known to you ONLY. No one has the right to ask you for any of this information, not even your own bank! This is very important because scammers often try to get this information by pretending to be financial institutions in which we have an open account. Do not be fooled by this and do not disclose confidential information to third parties, even if they sound credible.

3. Do not open suspicious emails or attachments

Thieves claiming to be loan companies often send emails urging you to take out a loan or credit. Do not open such messages, especially if they contain links or attachments. These emails are designed to introduce a virus to your computer, which is designed to copy your private data and pass it on to fraudsters. If you see this message in your inbox, immediately delete it or mark it as spam, without even checking its content.

Act with caution

Act with caution

Following these simple rules will slowly let you make financial transactions safely without any risk. Remember to always protect your bank details and not give access to them to third parties. However, if you happen to be a victim of online scammers, report it immediately to the police or Action Fraud.

What to look for before signing a loan agreement in the UK? Tue, 29 Oct 2019 01:57:13 +0000 ( more... )]]> Familiarizing yourself with the content of the contract before signing it is a basic principle that each of us knows. And yet! Many Poles still have a problem with this. As statistics show, every third Pole only briefly reviews his contract, and every tenth does not read it at all. This may be due to the trust we place in financial institutions, especially in the UK, where most lenders are regulated. However, rightly so? Unfortunately. There are still many scammers who are just waiting to take advantage of our naivety, and therefore in a moment of our inattention we may pay dearly. The best we can do for ourselves is to read understanding contracts and learn to capture all the tricks used by lenders. To make this easier for you, we have prepared for you a list of things that you need to pay attention to before signing a loan agreement in the UK.

Read text in small print and text marked with an asterisk

In small text, lenders usually contain everything they would like to hide from us: interest rates, specific conditions including the duration of the contract, additional fees, etc. Be sure to read this section of the contract. Thanks to this you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Search and check terms you don’t understand

Search and check terms you don

The text used in contracts is often complicated, incomprehensible and full of unclear terms. If you have any doubts about a given fragment of the text – check it and verify all ambiguities. Awareness of what you decide on when signing a loan agreement is particularly important when it comes to contracts in a foreign language. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or search for answers to your questions on the Internet. In this case, it is definitely better to know too much than to be uninformed.

Check the loan interest rate

Check the loan interest rate

Check the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) offered in your loan agreement. IDA in Polish is nothing other than the APRC (Actual Annual Interest Rate). Remember, the lower the APR, the better the offer. Check the interest rate specified in your contract and see if it is favorable for you.

Make sure you know the total cost of the loan

Make sure you know the total cost of the loan

In addition to interest rates, loan agreements may also contain information on additional fees. These may include interest and penalties charged for late repayment of debt and loan insurance costs. Importantly, not all of these costs are mandatory, so if you want to reduce the cost of the loan, talk to the lender about the possibility of resigning, e.g. from the insurance option. The contract may also contain a mention of recovery costs. Even if at the time of signing the contract the risk that you will not be able to repay the loan is negligible, read this part of the contract carefully. Life can be unpredictable and you never know when financial problems may arise. It is important, therefore, that you be aware of all the additional costs associated with paying off the loan.

Check the repayment date

Check the loan repayment date specified in the contract (from when and how it is calculated). Also make sure that the lender gives you the option of changing the repayment date – extending it if you have problems paying back the loan or reducing it if you want to pay back the loan early. Some lenders may charge additional fees for extending or shortening the repayment date, so check your agreement under this account. It is also worth paying attention to the withdrawal notice. By law, each contract should have a period during which you can withdraw from the contract for free without incurring any costs.

See if the lender’s details are complete

See if the lender

Check the lender’s details in the loan agreement. Is the lender registration number given? If so, you can verify that the lender is regulated by FCA using this number. All companies that grant loans in the UK must appear on the regulator’s register. Do you have a problem finding your lender in the database? It should be an alarm signal for you. If the company is registered under a different name than the one the lender is known for, it would be a good idea to check the reviews of both companies on the internet.

Check that all installments are the same size

Check that all installments are the same size

Some lenders use the baloon payments technique. In practice, baloon payments mean that we pay small monthly installments and then pay a large final installment. The availability of such a loan is unfortunately only apparent. In many cases, borrowers decide on such a loan, encouraged by the prospect of small monthly installments, but fail to pay the last installment. This is a particularly risky way of repayment, especially with secured loans, where in the absence of the payment of the last installment, the lenders can claim our property.

Do not rush!

Do not rush!

It is true that this advice does not apply to legal tips alone, but it is equally important. Give yourself time to read the contract and don’t be in a hurry. Some may want to put pressure on you trying to get you to sign a contract quickly. It is important, however, that you have time to read the document. Thanks to this you will be sure that you will not miss anything and you are aware of all the costs and terms of the contract.

When it comes to finances, it’s better to know too much than too little. Cheap loans in the UK are possible, but it is worth remembering that the cost of the loan is not only the rate that we see in the lender’s offer, but also additional costs that may be imposed on us. However, there is an easy way that you can protect yourself against them: Read contracts and return contracts to all legal tips. Thanks to our advice you will know what to look for, so nothing will be able to surprise you. You can find out more about what to watch for when signing a UK loan agreement on the Money Advice Service website.

Which is more advantageous: private loan or installment loan? Tue, 24 Sep 2019 01:56:48 +0000 ( more... )]]> You need a quick injection of cash, but you’re not sure what type of financing will be best for you? The most popular forms of credit in the UK are still credit card, installment loan and private loan. Last time, we looked at installment loans and credit cards and their pros and cons (the full article can be found here). Today is the turn for a private loan. So what is a social loan and how is it compared to an installment loan?

Private Loan in the UK

Private Loan in the UK

A private loan, otherwise known as a community loan, is a form of credit in which the lender is a private individual. Private loans in the UK, known as Peer to Peer Lending, are a form of credit that is still gaining popularity. Why?

Social loans are above all widely available. The network will find a lot of offers from private lenders offering us their services. The choice is wide, so everyone will find something for themselves.

A private loan is also a type of loan without checking your credit history. Private loans operate on different principles than traditional loans. Since lenders do not have to be regulated by FCA, there is no need to check the credit history of a potential borrower before granting him a loan. Thanks to this, you have a better chance of getting a loan than with a bank loan.

What’s more, private loans are characterized by an individual approach to the client. The lender and the person lending the money individually set the amount and terms of the contract before making the transaction. What’s more, a private lender (especially if it’s our friend) may be more willing to grant you a loan with better repayment terms than a bank.

What are the disadvantages of a private loan?

First, a private loan is still a risky form of lending for both the borrower and the borrower. Private loans in the UK are unregulated, and therefore both borrowers must face the risk of fraud. On the one hand, the borrower is at high risk because he is not entirely sure whether he grants a loan to a trusted person and will not suffer losses. On the other hand, the borrower may very well come across a fraudster who will hide many hidden costs and a high interest rate in the loan agreement.

Secondly, social loans have quite high interest rates. Social loans, especially for the borrower, come with some risk. To protect against potential loss, the borrower often charges the loan with a rather high interest rate. So a private loan will not always be a cheaper option than a traditional loan or payday loan.

In addition, a community loan will allow us to borrow limited amounts. Here, too, the risk for the borrower is not insignificant – few people want to risk by giving a stranger a loan for a high amount. Therefore, if you are interested in a specific amount, you should consider taking out a secured loan.

Despite the widespread belief that private loans are a quick way to get extra cash, the formalities involved in obtaining a loan are quite complex. It is true that the person lending you money will not check your credit score, but they must carefully check your data and information regarding your employment so that they can be sure that you will not disappear with the newly borrowed money. This type of verification takes longer than credit check, so be prepared for a longer waiting time for a response.

Installment loan

Installment loan

A loan, otherwise known as a consumer loan or payday loan, is a type of financing offered by financial institutions, banks or private companies. UK lenders are regulated by FCA (more on this here). What are the advantages of installment loans?

Getting payday loans in the UK is quick and easy. Completing the online application takes no more than 3 minutes, and we get a response from the lender almost immediately. Most lenders will deposit cash the same day, straight into our account.

What’s more, an installment loan, be it from banks or loan companies, will allow you to borrow larger amounts than most social loans. Loans in the UK allow you to borrow up to £ 5,000, and most private lenders prefer to borrow smaller amounts.

All financial institutions and brokerage companies that grant loans in the UK are regulated by FCA. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the lender is a proven institution and that you as a borrower are protected by law. Private loans are not protected, making it easier to come across cheaters.

In addition, an installment loan enables debt consolidation. If you pay off several loans at the same time, it may be a good idea to consolidate them under one loan. This will allow you to get more control over your finances – you can convert several debts into one loan, with one repayment date, fixed installment and extended repayment time. With such a loan it will be much easier for us to plan your monthly expenditure.

And what are the disadvantages of payday loans?

Similarly to private loans, payday loans are charged with high interest rates. An installment loan is a form of credit that does not require any form of security from the lender. Lack of a deposit means a greater risk for the lender, and therefore, to insure themselves, the lenders charge the loan a higher interest rate. Nevertheless, with an appropriate credit rating, we’ll be able to get a good deal.

Lenders lending in the UK must check your credit history and credit score before deciding to grant you a loan. If your credit score is not favorable, you may have trouble getting a good loan offer. Although there are many lenders and brokers who offer loans with low creditworthiness, the terms of such a loan will be less favorable for you.


Both forms of credit have many advantages, but also disadvantages. First of all, it is worth determining whether we care the most – on a favorable offer or on quick access to cash? Before you make a decision, think about the amount you want to borrow and consider both the pros and cons of each solution. This will help you determine what type of loan is right for you.

5 reasons to think that the ‘mortgage’ floor has the days counted Sat, 10 Aug 2019 19:41:39 +0000 ( more... )]]> The famous ground clause has been responsible for thousands of Spaniards paying much more for their mortgage. Thousands of complaints and hundreds of demonstrations later, the popular clamor has achieved that this abusive clause has been almost reduced to zero.

Minimum interest that prevents the mortgaged person from paying less

Minimum interest that prevents the mortgaged person from paying less

The so-called “land” mortgage, a minimum interest that prevents the mortgaged person from paying less if the Euribor falls, is a clause that the banks “sneaked in” between the 60 pages of the mortgage contract during the “bubble” years, without No one, not even the notary, will explain it to the mortgaged ones clearly.

But with the outbreak of the crisis, the mortgaged, with more and more problems to reach the end of the month, took the reins of their personal finances, informed about their mortgages and discovered that they paid more than they should. And it is here where a long string of complaints began that you have not stopped producing, and that have had at least five excellent consequences:

There are four banks that are prohibited from applying “soil”


In September 2010, the Supreme Court (TS) condemned BBVA, Abanca and Cajamar not to re-market mortgages with “land”, and to withdraw this clause from all their mortgages by recalculating the fees of all clients who requested it (although not Retroactive). Likewise, it condemned CajaSur to return the amount charged to its affected parties, in cases where the land is between 3% and 4%.

The judges, very aware . The majority of complaints that were filed thereafter by individuals have been ruled in favor of the affected party because they considered that no one explained the consequences of this section of the contract.

Banks throw in the towel . After the reactions of the TS and the overwhelming majority of judges, the banks withdraw the ground clause from their offers. At present, no Spanish bank applies land in newly created mortgages.

Those affected begin to recover the money

Those affected begin to recover the money

Another historical ruling of the TS was the one that failed in March 2015, which forced the entities to return the extra charge since May 9, 2013 due to this abusive clause, provided that the mortgaged party demonstrated a lack of pre-contractual information.

However, it should be said that the Government, in anticipation of this ruling, has reached an agreement with the bank for which, although it is true that all “soils” will be annulled, it is still unknown if those affected will recover their money. At this point, the analysts are divided at the time of the forecasts: those who believe that the banks will be the biggest beneficiaries of the new regulations, since they would save the return of billions of euros, and those that they take for granted that the sentence will have retroactive character, reason why, they say, the sector would already be preparing the resource to the imminent judicial decision.

Anyway, what is clear is that, with what has been agreed so far, the mortgaged will ensure that the famous “land” is never applied to them and that their mortgage quota be recalculated with the variable interest stated in their contract.

How to save money on meals at work Tue, 09 Jul 2019 19:39:30 +0000 ( more... )]]> Bringing the kettle to work has become a mandatory step for anyone who wants to save money and, in some cases, avoid ‘fast food’. For those who don’t need to eat out on business days, there are also options that help make your meals more economical. Find them out in this article.

Plan meals in advance

Plan meals in advance

Planning meals out of the house (lunch and snack, for example) is a very efficient way to save money as it helps you stay organized and minimize waste.

As in the case of personal finance, you can use manual planning with a sheet of a notebook or through an application.

We leave the following suggestions for applications that help you plan meals for the whole week:

When planning the menus, ensuring the preparation of nutritious and healthy meals with low values ​​around € 2.5 and € 3.5 per meal.

Do it at home

Do it at home

The fashion of the kettle is no longer now, but surrendering to the preparation of your meals at home is always good advice to save money. In addition to the nutritional control you have when taking care of the purchase and preparation of food, you can also determine the cost per meal.
Below we leave a suggestion of a nutritious and cheap healthy lunch.

Turkey wrap

2 wraps / tortillas
1 c. of honey dessert
1 c. of Grain Mustard Dessert
50g smoked turkey breast
2 c. of corn soup
2 c. of garlic soup or red onion
1 cup of watercress or canons arranged
salt and pepper to taste
Estimated price: 3 €

See more recipes for lunches below € 2 (for one person) on this site and see this PDF with recipes below € 1 / person made with support from the Portuguese Association of Nutritionists and DECO.

Avoid pre-frozen meals

Avoid pre-frozen meals

Buying pre-frozen meals is in fact tempting. Not only do they appear to be good excuses to save money, but also time. But is it really? By making a little more food at home, you can take advantage of the rest to freeze and take to work at any other time. After all, however attractive the price of a frozen lasagna may seem, the truth is that it is much cheaper (and healthier) to do so – and in larger doses – at home.

Try takeaway lowcost food

A long time ago we published an article about some cheap takeaway services here on Basil Ransom’s blog. Here, in the office, we have already ordered several lunches from the Marmita and can recommend it with confidence; the food is good, the generous portions, the prices are very nice and they still have very interesting discount campaigns, and the normal price per meal is around € 3.99.

Did you know that by bringing water from home and avoiding buying at the bar, can you save up to € 250 per year?
In this article by Basil Ransom we did the calculations to persuade him, and since we were “hand in hand”, we did the same for coffee. This is a logical and expected advice, but it never hurts to remember it.
And this advice is also valid for snacks and snacks to go eating throughout the day. As they are only small meals, bet also on bringing the snack from home and even some pieces of fruit to always have at your disposal in the office. In this way, you will feel much less tempted to go and spend money on food machines.

If you’re going to eat out, take advantage of the discount apps

If you

Nowadays there are already so many discount applications that only pay the full price of a meal you want. Here at Basil Ransom, we use two of these apps, either for lunches and team dinners or in our personal lives, out of work. These are Good L and The Fork. The discounts we get through these applications not only allow us to keep our budgets under control but also to meet new restaurants. In the case of The Fork, for example, it is usual to get discounts of around 40%!

How to deal with money matters in a relationship? | Mortgage Fri, 28 Jun 2019 17:32:43 +0000 ( more... )]]> Within a relationship, spending money can be difficult. Lainaamo n Essi published about alternatives for revealing money in a relationship as well as how to use money in a connection to a mutually satisfactory circumstance.

Relationships aren’t always rosy and the up hill can fit. However , several monetary disputes can be prevented by discussing and saying yes mutually agreeable rules from the game.

Getting single makes it easier to take care of your money because you can place all your money exactly where you need it. One should also take those other into consideration in the romantic relationship, not forgetting one’s own requirements. Many expenses are halved in a relationship and the finances may also improve.

More money is left within the hand after expenses. Nevertheless , many new questions arise about how exactly the financial affairs from the economy are handled collectively. It is not possible to straight determine what is the right option for a couple. Everyone has their very own opinions on what is reasonable and what is not. People furthermore value money in different ways. This particular affects what works in a partnership and what doesn’t.

50/50 economy

Difficult, the costs are halved. This could be done, for example , by maintaining all the receipts for combined purchases and settling the problem at the end of the month. An additional easier option is to setup a joint account, every with access and transaction cards to pay the common expenses. This way you do not have to estimate and halve the common expenses, but everything is immediately equalized.

percent of revenue

One more option is to have expenditures in proportion to income. This way, whichever one earns a lot more, also bears more of the obligation for common expenses plus less earns less. This particular leaves each with their personal money. Expenses can be divided directly in percentages for example one pays 70% as well as the other 30%.

This is often the case for financial systems with large income disparities or others on maternal leave, unemployment, etc ., plus unable to fully share the price. On the other hand, it may also be how the other party of the few, for example , wants to live in a far more expensive apartment than the some other can afford and is therefore ready to pay a higher share.

The appropriate share off the cost is the responsibility of the few themselves and should not be inspired by the opinions of others.

Expenses divided simply by area of ​​responsibility

Several also want to divide the expenses by so-called responsibilities. For instance , one pays the industrial bills and the other 1 costs the electricity, the web, etc . However , it is really worth remembering that some of the costs may go towards spending money on a long-term investment. Consequently , it might be a good idea to divide a few of the expenses, such as the mortgage expenses, in part or in half. Nevertheless , remember to always write the particular agreement in writing in the discuss books, as a verbal contract alone is not enough.

Every second period

In such a solution, the particular couple evenly divides the particular expenses. What makes it difficult is that many times they each feel that they themselves are paying out more. If this solution the lot of controversy, it is really worth discussing together as a fairer solution could be found. Get all the receipts for a 30 days and calculate the costs. This way you can see directly regardless of whether your solution is working how you want it or if you want this to change it.

Everything is in common

There is no money for me plus yours or for you plus me, but it is all in keeping. This is how all the money in the particular economy is distributed, no matter income. This is the easiest answer but also requires full dedication from both sides.

Either way, the most important thing would be to discuss openly financial problems together. In a committed connection, money should not be a taboo subject, but it is good to talk about your own aspirations for investing and saving money. This will ideally bring you both to a sufficient conclusion so that you can fulfill your own shared and your own desires

Credit Card Wed, 26 Jun 2019 07:59:13 +0000 ( more... )]]> Credit card is an electronic payment card, also called a bank payment card, which is subject to a specific and individual credit limit for unexpected and urgent non-cash transactions related to the payment of goods and services via the bank’s POS terminal, the Internet, and an ATM or ATM, if you need to withdraw or deposit cash into your bank account.

The credit card, as the combination of word terms suggests

The credit card, as the combination of word terms suggests

was the first way the banking industry issued loans, but, we know, nowadays loans are available in many different ways, and they are no longer issued only by banks but by non- Bank companies. Despite the diversity of loan types, credit cards are currently only a service provided by the banking sector’s lenders.

Possibly after years of credit cards will also be offered by private lenders – this is just a matter of time and competition. Credit cards, as mentioned at the outset, are granted a specific credit limit, unlike instant loans without a job, which is based on the client’s individual preferences and options.

According to various sources of information

According to various sources of information

The credit limit is up to EUR 10000. The credit limit works in parallel with the funds of a person’s bank account, so if the funds of a person’s bank account are spent, it is possible to pay with the credit limit funds. The credit limit is for unexpected financial spending, but of course it can be spent in any other situation.

If a person knows his spending habits, for example, he often misses the moment and spend money on seemingly unnecessary things, then a credit card is a good solution. However, in the event that a credit card is issued with a purpose that, at some point in the future, there may be a need for excess cash, the credit card needs to be carefully reconsidered. The annual cost of a credit card is relatively high, and if a person does not use the credit limit during the year, he has to overpay for a service that has not been used at all.

Emergency loan is tiny and only at probability level

Emergency loan is tiny and only at probability level

If a person’s need for an emergency loan is tiny and only at probability level, it is more advantageous to issue a debit card and, if necessary, borrow money, such as quick credit. Obviously, the credit limit must then be repaid. Depending on the type of credit card, the credit limit must be repaid with or without interest payments. Interest payments should not be made in the case of a non-interest-bearing credit card, or a non-interest-bearing credit card, if the person makes a timely repayment of the spent limit, which is usually by the 15th of the following month. If interest is paid on the credit limit used, it is usually between 20% and 40%.

It should be noted that the creditor does not need to be informed about the use of the credit limit and repayment, because you have a specific credit limit that cannot be exceeded and a flexible repayment schedule suited to your wishes. Credit cards are designed according to internationally agreed ISO quality system standards, so they can be established anywhere in the world. 

Do you know the differences between SOAP and vehicle insurance? Tue, 25 Jun 2019 05:04:09 +0000 ( more... )]]> When we talk about a SOAP and vehicle insurance, we often receive the same question: Are they not the same? Reality tells us otherwise, although they belong to the same item, we are not talking about the same product. That is why in this post we will analyze the main differences between vehicle insurance and SOAP.

Insurance that will protect victims in the event of a traffic accident

Insurance that will protect victims in the event of a traffic accident

Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance (SOAP) is, as its name says, insurance that will protect victims in the event of a traffic accident, whether it is injury or death. Vehicle passengers receive the same medical care, as they are backed by the policy that supports the vehicle.

The SOAP covers medical expenses (surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital), permanent disability, death, funeral expenses and transportation costs of the victims, all in different amounts. If you want to know the amounts that apply to the coverage, you can see them here .

In this way, SOAP is focused exclusively on the care of traffic accident victims

In this way, SOAP is focused exclusively on the care of traffic accident victims 

On the other hand, vehicle insurance is a policy that covers, in addition to passenger damage , the damage that has occurred to your vehicle. That is, it takes action in all types of accidents: robberies, fires and any other damage suffered by your vehicle, including total loss due to damage or theft. Can you imagine your car being stolen and the insurer will return the value of the car so you can buy another one? That’s what it’s all about, being protected first!

The coverage offered by vehicle insurance depends on the company and the price, since there are different categories. In the same way, the SOAP in Chile has similar prices in the different insurers but the difference is in the additional benefits that the insurers offer for you to choose (draws, discounts, etc.).

Products that complement each other


It is not that one replaces the other, but two products that complement each other for the protection of passengers and the vehicle, and both are necessary. SOAP protects those that matter to you and allows you to comply with the law, and private insurance protects your investment and prevents you from losing your vehicle.

By entering here you can compare the different SOAPs of different companies with the Ophelia SOAP comparator. And soon you can also compare the vehicle insurance offered by different insurers.